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Ball Charter Schools believe that engaging each of our school’s communities will help raise awareness for school support and a civic-minded generation. We encourage our community members to participate and volunteer at our school events.

Arizona Ball Charter Schools provide a personalized education to all students emphasizing comprehensive academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment through partnering parents, students and staff.

Ball Charter Schools believe that a critical key to success for both our schools and students is parent engagement. With this in mind, we highly encourage our parents to volunteer in our classroom and our events.


I loveeee Dobson Academy! This is my family's first year at the school. My kids love their teachers and so do I. They take their time to teach the kids and see where the kids are learning wise and then build the learning based on your child(S) needs.

Dobson seems to be a hidden gem! They have been in the valley for 20 years, and though this is my daughter's first year with them (Kindergarten), I discovered a lot of friends and coworkers who have children attending Dobson and the sentiment is always the same: They are outstanding! The curriculum is diverse, and the teachers are SO dedicated. They really go the extra mile to ensure the kids are getting the most rounded education and enjoy going to school every day. If you're searching for a school for your little(s), from K-8, Dobson should be very high on your list!

- Emily W.

Love this school! I volunteer every week and have gotten to know a lot of the teachers and staff. Everyone is so caring and amazing, you can tell they truly enjoy their jobs. Dr. Winn is always available to answer any questions or concerns and make you feel welcome. I wish I would have found this school when my oldest was in Kinder, but at least my youngest gets an amazing education from the start.

My son has been enrolled in the 3 year old Pre - K program and we absolutely love it. He has learned so much and enjoys going. The teacher is amazing and we are so thankful for everything she has done for him. Growing into a respectful young boy, thank you.


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