Pre School - 8th Grade


Dobson Academy Kindergarten Preparatory begins with a deep respect for your child’s eagerness to learn and capacity to develop meaningful relationships. We believe that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults can provide the basis for a lifelong love of learning. Our dedicated teachers focus on creating these nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and empowered.

We provide a curriculum full of play-based, hands-on learning which is aligned with Arizona Department of Education Early Learning Standards. Language and cognitive skills are nurtured through interactive story and circle times. We also use the Pre-K Fundations phonics program to support the development of alphabetic principles of letter-sound associations, alphabetical order and letter formation. A wide range of highly engaging hands-on activities are offered to aid the development of fine motor skills and critical thinking. Children will also have many opportunities to sing, dance, and play outside in our Kinder Prep playground. Our loving staff create a safe, fun environment which fosters positive social skills and emotional self-control, which are a vital component of Kindergarten readiness. We, the staff of Dobson Academy, will provide for the children:

• A pleasant and safe space to play and learn.
• A curriculum and classroom structure that encourages and enhances your student’s education.
• A place to meet their emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.
• A well-rounded advanced learning environment.

To enroll in our Kindergarten Preparatory program please fill out the following documents and return them to the front office.

23/24 Kinder-Prep Registration Packet

Children come to us with the wonder, desire and willingness to learn. Our job is to make sure they leave with their inquisitive natures enhanced and with the academic and social skills to help them succeed in school and in life. 

Meet our Kinder-Prep Team

Katrina Solis

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