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Daniel Langhans

Barbara Walker

Mike Enfield
Physical Education

Julian Hernandez

Michelle Kelker

Physical Education

The K-8 Physical Education program provides a comprehensive and enjoyable experience that fosters physical fitness, skill development, teamwork, and a lifelong passion for health and wellness.. Through a combination of structured activities, games, and lessons on health and nutrition, sportsmanship and “fair play”, we aim to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to lead active and healthy lives. We look forward to a successful and active year ahead!


Welcome to the exciting world of K-8 Music, where you can discover the magic of melodies, rhythms, and harmonies! Our program is designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of music, helping them explore different instruments, styles, and techniques. 


Welcome to the exciting world of K-8 Art! Our art program provides a comprehensive and engaging learning journey that nurtures creativity, artistic skills, and cultural awareness through a hands-on, experiential learning approach. Students will actively participate in art-making activities, guided by knowledgeable and passionate art educators. The curriculum integrates cross-curricular connections, linking art to other subjects such as history, science, and literature. Students will not only develop their artistic abilities but also gain a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and power of visual arts. We look forward to guiding your child's artistic journey and witnessing their growth as aspiring artists!


Welcome to our exciting program that introduces students to the fascinating world of computer science and technology! Through an engaging curriculum, we aim to foster computational thinking skills, promote creativity, and inspire a passion for technology.
Throughout the program, we emphasize the importance of digital citizenship and responsible technology use. Students will learn about online safety, ethical considerations, and how to protect their personal information. We also encourage collaboration and teamwork by providing opportunities for students to work together on projects and problem-solving challenges.
Our program combines hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and engaging projects to ensure an immersive learning experience. We believe that computer science and technology are essential skills for the 21st century, and our program aims to inspire students to become innovative thinkers and creators in our increasingly digital world.
Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the wonders of computer science and technology together!

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