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NOTIFICATION: Retention/Destruction of Special Education Records

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 41-1351 and the General Records Retention Schedule for School Districts and Charter Schools (#000-11-53) established by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, Special Education Records (including placement records, referrals, evaluations, testing data and other related records) will be destroyed four (4) years after fiscal year of final enrollment.

Arizona Ball Charter Schools will destroy all special education records (including placement records, referrals, evaluations, testing data and other related records) that are more than four years old on the first of the new year. Before destruction, parents and/or eligible students have the right to review the records and obtain copies of any information needed. To schedule an appointment, call Student Support Services at (480) 656-5555 prior to December 15th.

NOTIFICATION: Resources Homeless Children and Youth

Rights of Homeless Students
Parent Poster
National Center for Homeless Education

McKinney-Vento Act: Homeless/Highly Mobile Services. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Assistance Act protects the rights of all homeless/highly mobile students. The act defines homeless children as youth between the ages of 2 to18 years old who lack a fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence.

NOTIFICATION: Resume information for all employees who provide instruction to pupils pursuant to A.R.S. 15-183 is available upon request.

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NOTIFICATION: Arizona’s Move On When Reading Policy

ARIZONA’S THIRD GRADE READING RETENTION LAW (A.R.S.§15-701) Arizona law A.R.S. §15-701 also known as the “Move On When Reading” policy, calls for schools to retain 3rd-grade students who fail to meet the MOWR cut score on the Reading portion of the statewide exam.

Early Literacy Guide for Families
Move On When Reading Overview Video for Parents (English)
Move On When Reading Overview Video for Parents (Spanish)
Dyslexia Family Resource Guide

NOTIFICATION: Parent-School Compact

NOTIFICATION: ESSA Title I/Every Student Succeeds Act

NOTIFICATION: Nondiscrimination Statement

The school is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, and disability. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff members, students, the public, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the Governing Body does business.

NOTIFICATION: Wellness Policy
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NOTIFICATION: Web Accessibility Statement

Ball Charter Schools is committed to making this website accessible to visitors with disabilities and is continually working to increase its accessibility and usability.

Ball Charter Schools strives to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. These recommendations outline how to make website content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.

We are on a regular basis seeking opportunities to bring all areas of the site up to the same level of overall web accessibility. If for any reason you cannot access any of the material on our website, please contact us and we will work to resolve the problem.

Average Teacher Salaries

(A.R.S.15-903.E amended by Laws 2018, Ch 285, 10)

Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2022 (budget year): $53,004
Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2021 (prior year): $52,858
Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2020: $147
Percentage increase: 0.3%
Average salary of all teachers employed in FY 2018 (prior year): $46,489
Total Percentage increase in average teacher salary since FY 2018 14.0%

Average salary calculation : Includes base contract salary, Classroom Site Fund (Prop 301) base salary, performance pay.

Title IX Regulations 


ADE Parental Rights Handbook 

Mission Statement

Arizona Ball Charter Schools provide a personalized education to all students emphasizing comprehensive academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment through partnering parents, students and staff.

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